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Ken Strain

Prof. Ken Strain: Scientific Leader of the 10m Prototype

Email: k.strain"at"



Harald Lück

Dr. Harald Lück, senior staff scientist:

Coordinator, Leader QUEST Research Group '10m Prototype Interferometer

Email: harald.lueck"at"



Benno Willke

Dr. Benno Willke, senior staff scientist: Leader QUEST task group

'Realisation of a QND Prototype for a Gravitational-Wave detector', high power laser

Email: benno.willke"at"



Kasem Mossavi

Dr. Kasem Mossavi, staff scientist: Vacuum system, infrastructure

Email: kasem.mossavi"at"


Kentaro Somyia

Dr. Kentaro Somyia, Research Fellow at Tokyo Institute of Technology: Theory (as you can see... :-)

Email: somiya"at"


Stefan Hild

Dr. Stefan Hild, Lecturer: Interferometer sensing and control

Email: s.hild"at"


Fumiko Kawazoe

Dr. Fumiko Kawazoe, Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Email: fumiko.kawazoe"at"



Gerrit Kühn

Dr. Gerrit Kühn, Postdoctoral Research Fellow: IT, CDS and related infrastructur

Email: gerrit.kuehn"at"


Dr. Sabina Huttner, Postdoctoral Research Fellow: Interferometer simulations

Email: s.huttner"at"





Tobias Westphal

Tobias Westphal, Ph.D Student: Monolithic suspensions, IFO-control

Email: tobias.westphal"at"


Gerald Bergmann

Gerald Bergmann, Member of the chain gang (i.e. Ph.D Student): Commissioning

Email: gerald.bergmann"at"


Sina Köhlenbeck

Sina Köhlenbeck, Ph.D Student: Suspension platform interferometer

Email: sina.koehlenbeck"at"


Manuela Hanke

Manuela Hanke, Ph.D. Student: Frequency reference cavity



Vaishali Adya, Ph.D. Student: Interferometer Simulations



Jan-Hendrik Pöld

Jan-Hendrik Pöld, Ph.D Student: High-power laser

Email: jan.poeld"at"


Patrick Oppermann

Patrick Oppermann, PhD student: High-power laser

Email: Patrick.Oppermann"at"


Andreas Weidner

Andreas Weidner: Electronics

Email: andreas.weidner"at"



Aftab Baig, Master Student: triple pendulums for the SQL Interferometer





Stefan Goßler

Dr. Stefan Goßler: Coordinator

Email: stefan.gossler"at"

Michael Born

Dr. Michael Born, Postdoctoral Research Fellow: CDS, Interface SPI2CDS (PMI)


Katrin Dahl

Katrin Dahl, Ph.D student: Suspension Platform Interferometer

Email: katrin.dahl"at"

Christian Gräf

Christian Gräf, Ph.D Student: Digital Control

Email: christian.graef"at"

Alessandro Bertolini

Dr. Alessandro Bertolini


Alexander Wanner

Dr. Alexander Wanner


Bob Taylor

Dr. Bob Taylor


Daniel Gering

Daniel Gering

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